Holly Anna Burns

Holly Anna Burns

Contact Holly: holly@lutz.nb.ca

University of New Brunswick: Law
UNBSJ: Bachelor of Arts-Psychology & History

Holly Anna Burns was born in Saint John, NB. She spent her childhood in Saint John and in her teenage years she lived in Norton.

Justice and fairness have always been a large influence in Holly Anna’s life. They were some of the earliest values instilled in her by her parents.

Throughout her life Holly Anna has seen how far her dedication and hard work can take her. Holly Anna is an accomplished singer and pianist certified by the Royal Conservatory of Music. She competed and excelled in music festivals. She also played competitive high school hockey. Her time in Air Cadets also taught her that through good leadership, hard work, and diligence many things can be accomplished.

She is a proud Simonds High School Alumni. Holly Anna’s passion for helping people drew her to pursue higher education at UNBSJ where she excelled and obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology and History.

Holly Anna decided she wanted to be a lawyer because it is the best way she can help the community around her. She graduated from UNB Law School and is eager to work hard and apply all of her skills and education to serve her client’s and help the communities that have given so much to her.