Abu Chowdhury

Abu Chowdhury, JD
Contact Abu: Abu@lutz.nb.ca

Internationally trained Lawyer from Dhaka Bangladesh

Volunteer Work:
Legal Aid Services, Model United Nation and Moot Court Competition

Abu is an internationally trained lawyer from Dhaka Bangladesh. He completed his JD from Bangladesh.

He was working as RTI (Right to Information) Advocate to ensure and promoting better transparency and accountability of public services under RIB (Research Initiative Bangladesh)

He was working as a paralegal for a Law firm called- Legal Empiricism to provide legal justice to woman and child under woman and child repression act.

He also worked at BRAC (Building Resources Across Communities) for refugees on the project of gender-based violence and human rights in Bangladesh.  He also has expertise in criminal matters.

Abu was a mooter and organizer of the event called Phillip C. Jessup Moot Court.

He is a member of the Duke of Edinburgh.

He volunteered himself for legal aid services, Model United Nation and Moot Court Competition.

Abu loves to go to gym, and he is a powerlifter.

Abu is undertaking abridgement examination conducted by the Law Societies of Canada/NCA to enroll as a Lawyer in Canada.